AMDS® SOS Mask 靚白修護頰膜

AMDS® SOS Mask 靚白修護頰膜



  • AMDS® 阿瑪迪斯軟管*5
  • 5片頰膜(含靚白修護精華)


Each Package contains

  • 5 tubes of AMDS®
  • 5 sheets of masks (whitening essence included)
  • 功效/Effect


    Repairs damage from skin discomfort.

  • 使用時機/When to use


    Apply to skin when having flushed cheek, during menstruation, staying up late, going on a long trip, and encountering heavy air pollution.

  • 主要成分/Ingredients

    AMDS® 雙劑高修護亮白配方

    AMDS® bi-dosage form contains skin whitening and repairing ingredients.

  • 使用方法/How To Use

    1. 撕開面膜袋(內含頰膜及精華液)
    2. 將AMDS®全部倒入膜袋內
    3. 稍微按壓約1分鐘,徹底混和精華液與AMDS®
    4. 取出頰膜(含珍珠紙)敷於頰部,將珍珠紙取下,10-15分鐘後取下面膜即可。
    • After washing your face, pour one tube of AMDS® into the mask package.
    • Gently mix AMDS® with the essence in the package and apply the mask onto face.
    • Leave for 15 minutes and remove.
  • 效果原理/Product Features



    AMDS® nanosized particles are easily absorbed by our skin, the mask is able to deeply repair skin damage.