Almighty Mineral Dynamic Supply

阿瑪迪斯 全智能平衡因子

AMDS® -- Reveal your natural beauty in just seconds

AMDS® offers immediate repairment to your skin by trace elements and by nanosized formula, revealing the glory of your skin.


Dry and scaly skin


Hydrated and silky skin

AMDS® -- the secret to youthful and glamorous skin

AMDS®  consists of high performance nanosized particles,  which are 1/10 smaller than that of your regular skin care products. AMDS® can offer not only rapid repairment to your skin but also deeper absorption for maintaining healthy skin. Rich in ionized nutrients and trace elements, AMDS® presents a solution to your dry and scaly skin; furthermore, AMDS® can keep your skin hydrolyzed at anytime, maintaining your natural beauty.
Water flow

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